For The Love of You

Leon offers his own flavor mapping out a smooth funky groove that makes you want to pat your feet. This cover originally composed and performed by the Isley Brothers keeps a steady rhythm that makes you want to dance. The chorus is warmed by feature vocalist Kim Armstrong adding a richness that is very welcoming. For those of you who know this piece you will be very impressed and refreshed with the compositional direction taken.


This is Leon’s original composition and as the name implies it is not rhythmically challenged. There are bouncing lead synths and percussive textures working together to establish its vibe. The intro of this piece starts with a reverse synth pad that very quickly moves into a hard-funky groove guided by a very singable lead melody, combined with an orchestra of sound with Leon’s signature guitar


Leon demonstrates his artistry in this original composition with a smooth and impressive rhythmic flow. Its musical foundation is established on the bass, drums and piano lying down a gentle groove at the intro and through the verse. But don’t get too comfortable because the Jazzmen opens up on the solo section and lays down some impressive rhythms and Leon takes advantage of this opportunity to give us his lines of wisdom. The outro is mysterious and unexpected representing the improv mind of a jazz musician. You will nod your head to this jazzy piece.

We Dance at Midnight

This song evokes the romance of the midnight dance. It offers a strong and passionate melody perfectly suited for Leon’s guitar. The temperature of this song moves from warm to hot, making bold moves in pacing and phrasing - creating the vision of the dance. Flowing melodies in the chorus between the guitar and backing instruments give way to a unique interplay of the dance. It will take more than one listen to meet all the elements of this song, but it is worth the time.

I Can't Help It

This Stevie Wonder original Leon approaches with a jazzy salsa feel. Leon opens with a very melodic texture that moves into a gentle soulful intro and as we have heard with his other covers, he is true to the melody of the original. Leon plays this song with conviction and musical articulation. The combination of melodic bass and salsa rhythms in the drums and other percussion instruments give this rendition a fresh look without stepping on the composer’s original thoughts. The outro presents a rock style trio of guitars that is powerful and dynamic.

One of a Kind

Leon opens this original composition with a short prelude and then its intro. It is tender and gentle with an embracing quality. The warm and harmonious melodic melody is sure to capture your imagination reminding you of that special someone in your heart. Leon gives a stellar performance with a clear and present lead line that sounds as if his guitar is speaking to you. The counterpoint melodies also work very well in the chorus and bridge with a tasteful string arrangement that adds to the song’s sweetness.

In The Month of May

This song opens with a jazz fusion riff and steps down into a funky groove that reminds you of a spring day. Its instrumentation is complete and each instrument adds to the flavor and texture. It has a very strong melody that entices you to hum along. Its flowing textures and counter rhythms set the pace. It is truly a combination of Jazz, Funk and Fusion Jazz.


This song is a classic written by Chick Corea. We open with a solo Rhodes piano reminiscent of the original, the groove is quickly established and the fun begins. Leon’s solo work is nothing short of excellent – impressive connection of phrases and octave work that is sure to impress. The orchestral arrangement is also very beautifully done. The pacing is fast and furious so hold on to your hat or you will miss it.

Sweet Melody

With this instrumental original, Leon’s guitar’s gentle caress reminds you of the passion of the slow dance. The romance of this song is in its arrangement with Leon playing from a heartfelt position. His phrasing is very conversational and articulate. Listen to the words he plays and you will get lost in the sweet melody.

Some People Say

Leon opens with a gentle question framed with synth pads and strings and just as the name states - the floor is open for conversation. The interplay of guitar melody with string response lets you know that the conversation has begun. This song is a mellow groove with a jazz fusion layer on the bottom and just as with any conversation – you must go back to check your notes because it’s deep and thoughtful.